Morell's Bread
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Morell's Bread

Traditional sourdough breads for people who love handcrafted, whole-grain, organic breads with hearty flavor and texture.

A Pause for Family

Hello Everyone,

Eduardo's father passed away and Eduardo stayed with family in Atlanta through last week. We will be back to baking this week and will return to our regular schedule starting with bread at the bakery and farmers’ market on Thursday the 15th of February.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support.

Eduardo & Tamsen

Where to Find Our Breads

Morell's Bread, 2701 8th St, #114, Berkeley, 8:30am-12:30pm

North Berkeley Farmers’ Market, Shattuck at Vine, Berkeley, 3pm-7pm

Monterey Market, 1550 Hopkins St, Berkeley, 9am-7pm

Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market, Center at MLK, Berkeley, 10am-3pm

Monterey Market, 1550 Hopkins St, Berkeley, 8:30am-6pm

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Secrets of Sourdough

This is a video produced by KQED’s “Quest: Science on the SPOT” about the Secrets of Sourdough that features Morell’s Bread.  It’s fun and gives you an inside look as to what I do in the Bakery and to what’s really happening in the bread.  Take a look!