Morell's Bread

Bread Care

We are often asked what is the best way to keep our bread fresh. The simple answer is in the paper bag or wrapped in a cloth towel at room temperature. Our bread likes to breathe. Any of our loaves will stay fresh at room temperature for at least 5 days. Whole grain breads stay fresh as long as 7 days and if kept properly, longer! If you do not feel that you can get through a loaf in that time, freeze it. Read below for freezing instructions.

Putting the bread into a sealed plastic bag runs the risk of encouraging mold. Enclosed in plastic, any moisture the loaf is losing is being trapped in the bag and rather quickly creates a hospitable environment for molds to begin to grow.

Putting the bread into the refrigerator actually speeds up the staling process! Studies have shown that bread stales fastest at temperatures just above freezing – the exact temperature of your refrigerator.

Our bread is best frozen in aluminum foil. It freezes exceptionally well. Just wrap a whole loaf or part thereof and place it in the freezer. Let it thaw overnight in the foil and then warm it up a little in a slow oven to wick away any condensation. Alternatively a frozen loaf placed in a 250°F oven for an hour thaws nicely. You may also slice and freeze the bread and pull out slices when you need them as they thaw quickly in a toaster.

Store your loaves in paper bags or freeze them in foil, no plastic, no fridge!